a platform = a horizontal surface raised above the level of the adjacent area as a stage for public speaking
"Anything can land on outlandishtheatre's platform....a story, an object or a social observation. We welcome these Gifts of the Gods and play with them until we feel they've received the treatment they deserve and can be shared with an audience."

01: Details

outlandishtheatre platform

Maud - 13th May 2016

Abbey Theatre, OT Platform will be presenting YOUtopia at the Abbey Theatre, followed by a post show discussion, followed by spoken word artist John Cummins.
On the panel we have Lorcan Sirr of DIT, new senator Lynn Ruane, Sam McGuinness of Dublin Simon Community, Professor Chris Fitzpatrick, chairperson of STG Regeneration Board, Paul of Dublin Simon Community and Maud Hendricks of OT Platform.

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Maud - 2016

Megalomaniac (Mother Ireland I) in development, collaboration with R. Abbu Afar and the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital

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Maud - 18th April 2016

YOUtopia, not PPPolitical...The Rita Kelly Conference Centre, the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital

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Maud - 21st January 2016

Screening of Between Land and Water, Liberty Hall, Immigrant Council of Ireland.

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Maud - June 2015

BLW + Between Land and Water response in East London.

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Maud - 14th to 16th May 2015

Contemporary mini opera EX-hib-IT-US 2015, Filmbase basement Dublin.

"We are very excited to announce the launch of the Fund it campaign for our latest project - EX-hib-IT-US 2015. Check out the link for details of the project and how you can become a part of it."

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Maud - 21st of January 2014

!!!!JDIFF is launched and we are so damn proud that our precious film "Come into The Gardens" will premiere in it!!!!!

The screening will take place on Saturday the 15th of February, 7 PM in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Screen 1.

Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office on 01 6877974 or book on-line on www.jdiff.com.

Book soon, we can't wait to share this film with you!!

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Maud - 13th of January 2014

More ExItUs, more Between Land and Water and some very exciting news at the end of this month....

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Maud - 5th of January 2014

Maud's Birthday!

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Maud - 18th of December 2013

We're crawling out of our shells...after nine weeks of part time making, we have our first Work in Progress of ExItUs, to a very small, but very important audience, thanks to our supporters and DCC for our solid time of making!

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Maud - 7th of October 2013

Incubated in the Lab on Foley Street - Morgan, Bernie and Maud, writing, thinking, moving around the ideas of ExItUs, a new performance exploring the human impact of urban change.

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Maud - 10th of November 2013

outlandishtheatre platform

Maud - 24th of August 2013

Great news! We received long-term project funding for "Between Land and Water", an ongoing investigation into the changing landscape of Dublin 8, with a new group of Muslim women. Welcome on board Sarah Jane Scaife for this collaboration!

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Maud - 7th of June 2013

Thanks to Eadaoin and Lyndsey of the re-generation board! We enjoyed organizing The St. Teresa's Gardens Reunion Fest. A great success with 200 ex-residents and residents showing their faces and sharing the past!!

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Maud - 21st of April 2013

"What happens if the village you grew up in disappears" View here a compilation of the one-off inter-media performance installation by residents of St. Teresa's Gardens

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Maud - Dublin, 9th of March 2013

outlandish produced a successful one off inter-media performance installation on the 9th of March in St. Teresa's Gardens. As a spin off RTE's Nationwide will devote a full programme on the project "Come into The Gardens" and the community of St.Teresa's Gardens...Please tune in on Wednesday 29th of May at 7 PM.

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Maud - Dublin, 30th of January 2013

Maud and Bernie are rehearsing with 13 residents and ex-residents of St. Teresa's Gardens for the inter-media performance installation 'COME INTO THE GARDENS' that will take place March the 9th in St. Teresa's Gardens Dublin 8.

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Maud - Dublin, 31st of July 2012

This morning I received a phone call from Fidelma of Foroige (youth organisation in Donore Ave Community Centre). "We got it," she said, "I'm in a meeting now, I can't talk, the letter is in the cubby hole, congratulations." I immediately leapt across the way to Fidelma's cubby hole and found the letter, approving our Long Term Project Realisation Award for 'Inside Walled Gardens'. I'm over the moon. A big thank you to Katherine Atkinson in create and the arts council for supporting this project.

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Maud - Dublin, July 2012

Today Bernie, Fidelma (Foroige) and Maud went to The Abbey's 'The Plough and the Stars' production in the O'Reilly Theatre with Shauna, Aine and Sarah three youth participants of the 'Inside walled gardens' project. The girls enjoyed their first Abbey production...although it was a bit long.

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Maud - Dublin, May 2012

St. Teresa's Gardens is a social housing estate, a stone's throw away from where I live. The population is crumbling. The windows of the flats are boarded up. I'm going to the drop-in centre at the back of the estate to meet people who still live here.

outlandishtheatre platform

Maud - Dublin, 01 April 2012

I am pleased to announce that 'create' and 'the arts council' have awarded me with the Research and Development Award with Mentoring. I'm thrilled with this unique opportunity to investigate life in Dublin 8, with a newly formed and diverse group of Muslim women. Together with Bernie O'Reilly (Creative Team), Sarah Jane Scaife (theatre director) as my mentor and Beckett, I hope to start a conversation about the participants lives as part of the D 8 community, ao through the physical exploration of the play 'Come and Go' during four workshops in September.

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May 14-16 in Filmbase, Temple Bar

EX-hib-IT-US 2015

For two years OT platform worked on a collaborative arts project with the remaining residents of St Teresas Gardens in Dublin 8, a social housing estate on the brink of demolition. This collaboration resulted in a one off inter-media performance installation, a Reunion and the arts film Come into The Gardens.

EX-hib-IT-US 2015 is the concluding piece in this long-term project. For this urban mini opera OT Platform wrote new songs and scores. The songs are portraits. The songs are conflicting. The songs are otherworldly. The songs are fantasy. The songs reveal an artistic exploration of the human structure of Dublins ever-changing social city landscape.

The final performance will be followed by a post show discussion: From the real to the stage  Full-circle

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WHERE: Filmbase, Temple Bar (basement)

PRICE: €12.50 or €10 conc. Preview tickets €8.

DURATION: 55 minutes

Thursday 14th May 1pm  Preview

Thursday 14th May 7.30pm


Friday 15th May 1pm


Friday 15th May 7.30pm


Saturday 16th May 7.30pm


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A special message from Mary Robinson to STG residents!

Come into The Gardens...

Come Into The Gardens Official Trailer from Shoot To Kill on Vimeo.

a collaborative Artist in the Community Project resulting in a short film of 7 portraits of people within their physical environment of St. Teresa's Gardens, a place and a community that missed out on the large scale Regeneration that it was in for and is left with a gohst town.

On the 9th of March an inter-media performance installation took place, in which live performances and elements of the film were combined to invite a small selected audience into The Gardens. "In one hour and twenty minutes St. Teresa's Gardens will be gone...", this line from the performance dictated the main convention of the performance, to create for the audience an experience of "What it is like for the people of a community when their village disappears..."

the living room, Aug. 2011

"sensual and fascinating experience"

(Lauren O'Toole, entertainment.ie)

"emotionally intense and multi-layered drama"

(Harvey O'Brien, ITM)

"Hendricks and O'Reilly bring an impressive physicality to their demanding roles"

(Joanne Hayden, SBP)

"this enjoyable production.....deserves a wider audience."

(Irish Mail on Sunday)

04:About us

outlandishtheatreplatform was born out of our need to develop and deepen our performance skills, focussing on the use of body and voice in space. In every project our main aim is to create a stream of very precise visuals and life images by choreographing movement, stillness and voice with huge precision. This stream of imagery and soundtrack are to evoke story with the audience. The starting point for this work process can be an old folk tale like Bluebeard (the living room, 2011) or different objects (Trinkets, in development) or the veiled women in Dublins landscape (CREATE, R&D ongoing).

We aim to write, reinvent, collaborate with artists and non performers and perform; we want to make performances that breathe and so give room to the audience to find themselves in it. The process is slow, organic and in a constant conversation with the audience.


Maud Hendricks
My interest in people and places brought me to Ireland in 1999. I studied cross border relations in Derry for a year. In 2004 I entered BAS (Bachelor in Acting Studies) in Trinity. In 2010 I founded outlandishtheatre platform: a place where theatre ideas can be tested, developed and eventually produced. On the platform performers can be theatre makers, writers can be directors and citizens can be performers. Last August Bernie O'Reilly (co-founder) and I performed our debut production 'the living room' on location in the Pearse Centre.

Bernie O'Reilly
I moved from England to Ireland when I was sixteen.
I'm on a journey. I am curious to explore our lives in this world and how they are effected by time, place, relationships, traditions and patterns of existence. I bring my baggage with me.
outlandishtheatre platform is a space to share a question, a thought, an observation, a place to search, play and perform.